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14.Chrome Browser

Chrome browser needs to install and enable the extender in order to select the interfaces properly. Note the row of small icons on the right side of your Chrome browser address bar. The icon shown below (the color may be grey, but it does not affect the work), shows the mouse move up and the text prompt "UiBot Native Message Plugin.”

UiBot's Extended Icon on Chrome Browser

If you do not install the extender, you need to complete the following steps to install it:

1. Close the Chrome browser.

2. Open UiBot Creator and choose any process. Select Help à Install Chrome Extensions from the menu.

3. Open the Chrome browser and wait a moment. The browser will prompt you to add a new extension, as shown below. At this point, be sure to choose "Enable Extensions.”

Chrome Browser Tips for Adding New Extensions

If you still have problems, please look at the figure below to find out how to turn on Chrome's Extender Management Function and enable UiBot Native Message Plugin.

Extension Management of Chrome Browser

In addition to IE and Chrome browsers, we often use Baidu browser, 360 security browser, QQ browser, and other domestic browsers. These browsers use the Chrome or IE kernel; therefore, UiBot can theoretically 39 support the acquisition of interface elements. However, because of its different settings, this often changes. For the sake of simplicity, it is recommended that you use the native Chrome browser or IE browser for the RPA process.

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