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2.The Development of UiBot

As mentioned earlier, areas in finance, logistics, sales, and human resources consist of many simple and repetitive manual tasks, taking away value from a human employee. In fact, as early as the end of the last century, this kind of human-destroying process has been seen not only in the professional world but in video games as well.

Video game developers purposely create games where users need to allocate a lot of time doing repeatable tasks in order to maintain long time customers. It’s a smart business strategy because it keeps the average daily users high while maintaining long term players until a new game comes out and then the process is repeated, creating a constant stream of revenue.

Thus, the need for a software robot to automate these tedious gaming actions emerged at the beginning of the 21st century. The most famous of which was the invention of QMacro in 2001. QMacro first ran on Windows PCs, automating Windows client games and then later it began to automate games on Android phones.

Qmacro helped gamers level up without wasting their time doing the repeatable tasks that developers created. It saw major success but this success was not because of technical advantages, but rather due to its easyto-use design and utility. QMacro was not a robot but a software robot manufacturing tool. This toolset allowed a user to automate processes easily so that the average user without a technical background could find use in the product as well, opening it to a broader audience.

Now, QMacro has saved tens of thousands of gamers valuable time as they are able to use the platform to make their own software robots. In a way, the QMacro product from 2001 could well be seen as a pioneer of RPA. After 2017, the concept of RPA in the domestic market was inspired by this very product. The value of saving people time was adopted to serve a broader scope of people, primarily in professional industries such as finance. The production team of QMacro recognizes this fact today and has been striving towards evolving from just gaming automation to creating a 8 powerful, easy-to-use, efficient RPA platform for industrial enterprises.

They have now created a B2B RPA platform known as UiBot. It has made many advancements and transformations from the original technology for the specific needs of enterprise users, supporting SAP automation operations, being able to present them in a flowchart, and supporting distributed control centers

UiBot's main characteristics are good operational stability, fault tolerance, encountering special conditions stop, operation won’t be stoped and each run has track to follow. That’s far exceed Qmacro.

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